Low enzo

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Low enzo

Check out my latest music 

Embrace Your Passion

Growing up in the Bronx taught me how to deal with struggles.  All of my trials and tribulations made me who I am today.  Trying to make it in the music industry is a bumpy road and you have to be quick enough to move with the punches.  I discovered my love for music at a very young age.


Music was my way of escaping my everyday life.  Music allowed me to find peace away from my hectic surroundings.  My mother was into all genres of music, everything from country to hip hop.  So, I grew up eclectic  with an ear for different sounds outside of what was considered normal in my environment.


My mother loved Motown music, so naturally I too started to love it as well because I loved spending time with her.  Growing up in a multi-racial family: Arabic, African, Black, and Hispanic made me culturally competent and socially aware.

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